With the Mariner field soon ready to start production, a new thirty-year adventure begins 250 kilometres off Scotland’s north-east coast.

With Mariner, a technology pioneer, we are leading the way, testing new ground through our offshore digital workers and the use of digital solutions to deliver safe and efficient solutions.

One of the largest industrial projects in the UK in recent years—a gross investment of more than GBP 4.5 billion – Mariner will support up to 700 long term jobs and generate significant revenue in the supply chain for decades to come. Contracts worth more than GBP 1 billion have already been awarded to UK suppliers.

And we're not stopping there

We are developing fields which straddle the UK-Norway median line, including Utgard and Frigg, in alignment with the UK government’s priority of maximising economic recovery of the UKCS.

And we recently signed an agreement to acquire a 40% operated interest in the Rosebank project, one of the largest undeveloped fields in the UK. We look forward to completing this acquisition as soon as possible and adding Rosebank to our UK portfolio.

And we’re one of the most active explorers in the UK. In 2017, the Verbier discovery was made in the outer Moray Firth on the UKCS and we will continue to explore for new opportunities with a three-well campaign starting in late 2018.